“Purifying UK water since 2008”

Pure, Natural, Healthy Water Straight from Your Tap!

(And It Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth)

It’s true, you CAN have fresh, pure water directly from your household supply…

These days there is a LOT of talk about filtered water and single-use plastics. Many people prefer the purity of spring water (filtered by nature) and bottled at source. But (now) we all know it’s having an adverse effect on the environment.

So, wouldn’t it be a great compromise to have that healthy, clean, fresh-tasting water directly from your tap? And shouldn’t that filtered water have all the health benefits that make bottled waters taste better for many of us?

We think so, which is why we have a range of water purification filters to suit your needs (and budget). From counter-top water filters to undersink ‘fix-and-forget’ filters that last up to 5 years and give you fresh-tasting filtered water straight from your tap, so you can drink it from source or pop some in a bottle to take with you!

People Love H2O Purifiers Because

Easy Installation
No need for a plummer!

Uniquely Pure
6x stage purification filter!

Patented Bacteriostatic
Filtration Media

Cheaper than bottled water
Less than 1p per Litre!

Exclusive import contract
to the UK

Supported by a
renowned Worldwide brand

+20 years
water purification experience

All H2O water filters
backed by our Lifetime Warranty*

H2O Filters Are Better For The Environment

Longer Life – Less Landfill

Longlife and high capacity nature of products – up to 5-year longevity – ensures that less plastic and waste goes to the landfill on a regular basis.

The UK filter market is historically built up around 6 monthly cartridge/ filter changes, which results in a lot of plastic and carbon going to landfill every year.

Steam Rather than Acid

H2O products contain steam-activated carbon – as opposed to acid activated – which is a far more eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The factory in which this carbon is treated is also one of the only water treatment plants which recycle all of its emissions thereby creating a carbon-neutral environment.

No Single Use Bottled Water

H2O filters replace the need for any single-use plastic bottled water.

Bottles end up in a landfill and cause extensive pollution across the globe resulting in the death of millions of fish, birds and animals.

Not All Water Filters Are Created Equally

You’re looking for clean, fresh guilt free purified water, not a science lesson (although we can give you that info if you want) so here’s the key information…

H2O water purifiers are globally unique with a 6-stage purification media and patented Riolyte media which enhances pH and remineralises drinking water with beneficial trace minerals.

H2O drinking water purifiers are high capacity and provide higher than normal flow rates.

We think are H2O Purifiers are a no-brainer for people that choose a healthier lifestyle, but we would say that of course.

However, if you’re like most of our happy customers you’ll want a filter that:

  • Is a Renowned Global Product
    Our Filters are Global best sellers and from an established brand so you know we’ll still be here in 5 years when you need a replacement filter!
  • Has 6 Stage Filtration
    That’s the science bit, but basically, it means your water is the purest and freshest you’re likely to get anywhere in the World!
  • Provides up to 5 Years* of Filtration
    Yes, 5 years of fresh filtered water before it needs a filter change
  • Comes with a “Replace your filter” Reminder
    Our after care-service means we’ll let you know when your filter needs a service. So it’s hands-free!
  • Runs at no more than 1p per Litre
    We probably don’t need to explain why thats a good thing…
  • Is Laboratory Tested
    Why is that important? Because your health and vitality comes first so our products are SAFE and surpass industry standards

When Your Body Deserves Better Call: 0345 459 9973

H2O Water Filter FAQs

Why Filter Tap Water?

While in the UK we may take access to safe drinking water for granted, many find the taste and purity of that water is not as ideal as it could be.

A good water filter will not only improve the taste of what you’re drinking but it makes it cleaner.

At less than 1p per litre is much cheaper and better for the planet as every time you fill up at home you’re helping prevent another single-use bottle being thrown into a landfill.

Who Are Water Filters For?

Anyone that prefers fresh, clean and better-tasting water.

And it’s a great way to take extra care of your families health, the benefits of clean and pure water without contaminants are well documented.

Read our blogs for more information 🙂

What Type of Water Filter is best for you?

Counter top filters will suit you if you want the flexibility of a mobile filter. They are especially if you’re renting, want great tasting filtered water at the office or perhaps for your caravan or travelling holidays.

Under-sink filters are more efficient and hands-free while providing the purest water direct from the tap and for up to 5 years before you need to replace the cartridge. You can even fit it yourself in less than 30 mins without hiring a plumber!

Need Help? Ask Nick!

We’re proud to say that H2O International UK is a family business and you’ll be dealing directly with us.

Why does that matter?
We think it’s a great advantage as we’re not only accountable to all of our customers, but we know you won’t get more help and more personal service anywhere else in the uk!

If you have any questions regarding water filters or H2O products
call: 0345 459 9973 (office hours) or use our contact info