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Thirsty Summer

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H2O International UK supply high quality, high capacity, longlife water purifiers to the UK domestic and commercial sectors. Whether you are wanting a drinking purifier for your family at home, or looking to save costs on your Facilities budget in a commercial building – H2O UK products offer you a solution. The systems offer best value for money across the UK – and replace the need for costly bottled water.

Reduce your carbon footprint and choose a plumbed-in purifier as a more ethical drinking water solution. H2O systems remove 100’s of contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, toxins, VOC’s, reduce limescale and kill waterborne bacteria. Additionally we enhance the pH within your water for better taste and improved alkalinity for better nutrition. All in 1 compact system!

Choose from a selection of countertop or undercounter systems to suit your requirement. Countertop systems are perfect for rented properties or offices where hard plumbing may be difficult. Therefore merely attach the system to your existing kitchen faucet with no plumbing required.

Undercounter systems can adapt to an existing filter tap, or we provide and entire fittings kit and tap with our cartridges. Plumb in to your cold water feed and receive purified water on tap for up to 5 years between cartridge changes. One purifier can feed into 3 appliances including a hot water boiler, instant hot tap, ice machine, coffee machine, fridge freezer etc.

H2O International products have been around for over 18 years throughout 20 countries around the World – and we have been within the UK for over 4 years now. Our systems are of the highest quality, but remain the best value for money.