H2O and the Environment

Longer Life – Less Landfill

Longlife and high capacity nature of products – up to 5 year longevity – ensures that less plastic and waste goes to landfill on a regular basis. The UK filter market is historically built up around 6 monthly cartridge/ filter changes, which results in a lot of plastic and carbon going to landfill every year.

Steam Rather than Acid

H2O products contain steam-activated carbon – as opposed to acid activated – which is a far more eco-friendly manufacturing process. The factory in which this carbon is treated is also one of the only water treatment plants which recycles all of its emissions thereby creating a carbon neutral environment.

No Bottled Water

H2O filters replace the need for any bottled water. Bottles end up in landfill and cause extensive pollution across the globe resulting in the death of millions of fish, birds and animals.