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Purify your Water at Home and when on Holiday

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If you are the owner of a caravan, motorhome, boat or yacht then I am sure that you are keenly aware of the need for safe, high-quality drinking water. Being away on holiday in Europe or other parts of the World can often leave you susceptible to questionable water quality … and the last thing you want is to become ill from water-borne bacteria or viruses.

H2O International UK supply high-quality water purifiers, especially for the caravan and boating leisure industry. The purifiers are manufactured in the USA and have been used in RV’s for over 15 years. The purifiers remove 100’s of contaminants from potable water including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, fluoride, toxins, chemicals, VOC’s and many more additives. An H22O purifier will improve the taste and smell of your water too, whilst enhancing the pH and minerals for healthier consumption.

The systems are lightweight and compact for ease of use and portability, and maximising the little space you may have on-board. The ePCT, for example, has the footprint of a can of Coke, and weighs just 1kg! It also comes with a bracket for attaching to your under-sink area when not in use. They can with an array of fittings which adapt to most taps found in leisure vehicles, so will easily attach to your kitchen faucet/tap.

When you are not using the caravan, motorhome, boat or yacht – easily disconnect the purifier and use it within your home. It can be attached to your main kitchen tap, or use it in a utility room.

Benefits of our undercounter purifier range:

  • Range of countertop options from £50 – £170 depending on your style
    and capacity preference.
  • Capacity/ longevity from 9 months – 5 years.
  • Every filter contains our unique, patented 6-stage media blend for
    filtering out contaminants, bacterial kill and enhancement of your
    drinking water.
  • RCT and RCT-CP options have a 2 year replaceable cartridge.
  • High quality construction with manufacturer warranties.
  • Includes an array of fittings and adaptors to suit 90% of domestic
    and leisure vehicle faucets.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Free up space by no longer needing litres of bottled water.
  • Portable for hassle-free travelling.
  • Versatile and multi-functional as you can use one at home, and then
    take on holiday with you too.
  • Even adapts to many taps found within hotels, B&B’s,
    hostels etc – why not have purified water in your holiday
    accommodation too?
  • Value for money when compared to bottled water or 6-month
    inline water filters such as the Whale or Truma filter.
  • Different styles and finishes suiting your personal taste.
H2O CT 3 - 5 year countertop purifier

H2O CT 3 – 5 year countertop purifier

H2O RCT-CP Chrome Countertop system  with replaceable cartridge

H2O RCT-CP Chrome Countertop system with replaceable cartridge

H2O International UK products are available through national distributors across the UK, or via the website. Further details on each product and the H2O range is also available on the website.